Why Us

Who is Drzzle for?

If one or more of the following sounds like you then this may be the tool for you!

Zero to some technical background

Needs one or more websites

Zero to some design skills

Here are some other reasons to use Drzzle...

Easy to Use

Putting together a website can be daunting. We aim to make this experience as practical and as intuitive as possible.

Drzzle gives the user plenty of control to customize their websites using a lean user interface.

We feel that you should only be shown settings as they are needed rather than all at once. In other words, we don't overwhelm users with lot's of buttons. That typically results in a difficult learning curve.

drzzle editor
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Design Friendly

Drzzle utilizes a design first approach.

Our editor was built to make sure each droplet flows well with each other.

We are always building and designing boilerplates for new websites to start from and we adhere to UX / Visual design best practices when doing so.

Scaled Pricing

Drzzle is priced entirely รก la carte.

You only need to pay for things you need as you grow (aka scale).

We don't think it makes sense to fool around with fixed monthly prices for services you may never use. See more about pricing here.

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More than a Site Builder

In addition to having a stellar website builder, Drzzle also manages the complexities that involve making your websites public for the world to see.

We handle the web hosting, storage, DNS and SSL configurations, caching and more.

We focus on the difficult backend logic so that you can focus on tailoring your web presence. We are always here to help if you have questions.

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