Drag and Drop

From adding and rearranging droplets and sections, our website editor is entirely drag and drop.


Drzzle itself as well as all websites published are serverless. Each website is hosted using Amazon S3. This means that, since there is no backend, your websites will load faster.

Multiple Websites

All users have the ability to add as many websites as they wish and manage them all within the same control panel.


Creating templates come in handy for reusable droplets like navigations and footers. This way you can create them once and manage them in one place.


Each account owner can add as many sub-users as they want to their account. These sub-user's will have edit permissions to the websites of the owner's choice.

SSL Certificates

Each of your websites will have a free SSL certificate. Each time you add a new domain or update your records, Drzzle automatically updates the certificate for you.

Device Optimized

All droplets and sections are automatically device optimized. You can even style your droplets differently across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


Droplets are components that you can drag and drop on your web pages. They range from things like videos, text, maps etc. We are always developing new ones!


We are here to serve you! We are on your side and will do whatever it takes to make sure you're getting the care you deserve.


You can organize your entire website structure using our drag and drop sitemap feature.

Developer Friendly

If you are a developer you can utilize the general code droplet to add your own HTML, CSS or Javascript to your pages.

Limitless Storage

All of your content is stored in an Amazon S3 bucket and does not have a size limit!


You can purchase and manage domains right in the control panel and easily point them to your websites.

Google Analytics

You can easily hook up your Google Analytics account to each of your websites so that you can analyze your traffic.

Zero Code

Can't code? No problem. You can build your entire website without ever writing one line of code.

SEO friendly

Each page you create has the option to include page meta data so that your pages can be better optimized for search engines.

Intuitive UI

Our user interface is very lean and intuitive, we aim to not bombard users with lot's of buttons and settings upfront. Things are presented when needed.


Recycling droplets is great for reducing repetitive tasks. You can configure a droplet the way you like, save it and reuse it anywhere else.

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