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Mission Statement

"Empowering people, at any skill level, to create things for the web."


Drzzle was founded from the desire to want to create an intuitive experience when designing, building and launching websites. After many years of serving in the web industry from every end of the stack, from small to very large traffic websites, we identified the many pain points involved in creating a website. Not from just designing and building a site but also pain points from the networking end like scaling, DNS, SSL certificates, backend API's and so on. We really wanted to bridge that technical gap between all ends and make managing these things as intuitive as possible.

The solution to managing these technical areas was to build out an application that could allow a person to manage all areas of the site stack in one control panel. We also aimed to create a very intuitive way to design, build and manage content in this same application. This was how Drzzle was born. With Drzzle a user can manage and purchase domains, create sub users, design and build out an unlimited amount of sites using one of the most intuitive drag and drop UI's around. Users can then choose to host their website with us or on their own. After several iterations and years of development, we finally launched our first MVP in 2019.

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